So you’re the DIY type and want to install a metal roof yourself?

We are happy to, and in fact, love helping walk you through the process of getting everything you need to make your metal roof installation go smoothly and efficiently. What we will need from you:

-A sketch or picture of your roof with accurate dimensions of all, ridge, hip, gable, valley, eave, sidewall, endwall and any slope transitions.

-We also need to know what penetrations you have in your roof and their size, this would include chimney’s, skylights, plubming vents, exhaust hoods, gas stove pipes, solatubes, powermasts, etc.

-If you know the pitch/slope of your roof that is also important. We are happy to help you figure this out if you don’t know how, just let us know.

Every part is custom purchase tramadol discount ordered for your project, therefore we have the opportunity to make sure each flashing is exactly what you want and designed to make sure it works effectively and looks nice as well.

*send your information to us here

So you’d rather let the professionals handle the install?

With the latest technology we are able to do most of the estimating for your roof via Satelite, saving you both time and money, not to mention leaving any high pressure sales person out of the picture completely. It is important to have an accurate understanding of your unique roofing situation and goals so before you decide to have the roof done, we would have one of our prequalified installers come out to do a complete inspection.

*to request an initial estimate please contact us here