Nancy Stackman, Graham

“I really love the new roof. It is so clean looking and changes the look of my garage. Can’t wait to repaint the garage so it will really look like a new building. I really appreciate the honesty of Metal Roof Specialties since a piece on the cap was missing and you came out and fixed it even though I never would have known. Thanks to Jerry for coming out before hand and checking the area and exactly what was to be accomplished. What a knowledgeable person. The workers that performed the work did an excellent job by arriving on-site on time and when I arrived home from work in the evening, I would never have know they had been there since the area was spotless Thanks for the great job and I would highly recommend Metal Roof Specialties to anyone looking for a metal roof.
On another note. Would you be able to give me a quote on my house? I have a leak above the front door and no one seems to be able to figure out where it is coming from so I am considering bucking up and just replacing with a metal roof.”